Providing the platforms to support talent from grassroots through to professional


We continue to nurture creativity in communities through our open and inclusive programme. Our creative hub for dance and the arts based in Cardiff specialises in creating environments that are embedded and inspired by creative learning.

We run a weekly programme of open and progressive street dance classes, a rotating timetable of cross-disciplinary workshops and industry insight sessions to inspire and support our communities.

Currently our programme is held at two venues in Ely and Butetown. Please download the most recent timetable below and keep an eye out on our Instagram and Facebook pages for the latest developments.



Our community partners include Butetown Community Hyb, Royal Welsh College, Elympia, Mount Stuart School and Ballet Cymru.



To sign up for classes please contact:

We have a long history of community engagement with young people from across South Wales and the Welsh Valleys. A key objective for us is to support the training and development of young people, feeding more young people into professional work in the arts, enabling social mobility within the marginalised communities of South Wales and encouraging growth of the creative class. With your support we can continue to:


    • Work with harder to reach groups, increasing participation and access to the arts, giving young people the tools and resources to fulfil their unique creative potential
    • Nurture fresh talent, supporting the next generation
    • Create ‘world-class’ performing arts work on a national and international platform
    • Be advocates for diversity and inclusion


Such a breadth of work would not be possible without the invaluable support of our partners. We are always looking for exciting new partnerships with individuals, companies, trusts and foundations.

To discuss supporting Jukebox Collective please contact Emily Brake at





Emerging from the early 80’s freestyle club scene of NYC, hip hop is formed by a mix up of party dances and moves such as the dougie, the running man and many more. This contagious dance has become one of the most popular dance styles in the world. Our classes will take you through the hip hop library, introducing you to the original tracks that led to the creation of each move. Leaving you with a broad understanding of freestyle and the performance of both old and new school hip hop. Suitable for all levels from beginners to professional.


A funk style straight from the 70’s. Smooth, sometimes energetic and most definitely funky! A performance dance that takes inspiration from cartoons such as Scooby Doo, with animated moves made up of, points, locks, head twirls and many more. No need for validation, lockers often confidently give themselves five, with their signature high five move. We will take you from sitting in the groove to tricks and splits. Suitable for all levels from beginners to professional.


The first and original dance of hip hop culture. B-boying originated from the Bronx, NY. It consists of top rocks, footworks, power moves and freezes. We’ve formed a collective of breaking tutors and mentors from a mix up of leading crews throughout the UK, to run a series of workshops in collaboration with Jukebox, creating our own fresh approach. Tutors share their personal experience and provide students with an opportunity to develop a strong foundation across all the disciplines that make up breaking: building strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. Suitable for all levels. Get in touch to register for our next block.


Explore and build skills in Contemporary, Ballet and the practical sciences behind them. Building confidence, improving technique and increasing dance vocabulary and knowledge of Psychology, Physics, Biomechanics and Neuroscience. This class explores different contemporary techniques such as Cunningham, Graham, Release, Flying low and Humphrey technique, moving through mobility, flexibility and strengthening exercises. To progress on with a series of coordination and memory challenging phrases, stimulating travelling combinations and innovative improvisational and choreographic tasks to boost skills in creative thinking and dance analysis. These fun and informative classes are suitable for students of all abilities and dance backgrounds.


A rotating series of workshops with special guests. View our class timetable to see what we’ve got coming up this month.


This class is an open invitation to the world of Jukebox Collective. Each week we mix it up with different tutors from our Collective, giving you a rotation of our best tutors and leaders, sharing their skills across some of our favourite street dances: popping, hip hop, locking, house, breaking and more. This class gives flexibility for members to drop in and out as they please without falling behind. Suitable for all levels.


A fusion of dance and fitness. This cardio training class is a fun and easy way to tone up and get down to our most loved dancehall beats. Suitable for complete beginners, ages 16+.


Popping originated in California during the mid to late 70’s. Popping is a funk style that is based on flexing and contracting the muscles though movement on beat, made up with a range of different styles such as boogaloo, twisto flex, toy man, scarecrow and many more. Our classes will share knowledge of history and vocabulary, teach styles within the family of popping and share our very own secrets that have formed some of the freshest poppers on the scene right now. Suitable for all levels from beginners to professional.


House was born in NYC in the early 80’s. Made up of footworking, jacking and lofting. It takes influence from a variety of different dances that are then incorporated with house music and club dancing such as salsa, capoeira, breaking and hip hop freestyle. With a series of classes from beginners to improvers, our classes will teach you basic foundation, build your confidence to create your own variations and provide you with house vocabulary to grow individually and make this freestyle dance your own. Suitable for all levels from beginners to professional.


Age: 7 to 11 years old.

Mixed ability class that will give you a taste of hip hop culture and an introduction into the different styles that sit under the umbrella of street dance. Classes are tailored to crossover, teaching the basics of hip hop, popping, locking, breaking, house and more. Staying on trend with the latest party dances and most importantly giving students the opportunity to let go and get down. This class is a perfect confidence builder for new comers.


A strong, fierce disco dance that started in the gay club scene in LA in the 70’s. Dramatic poses, characters and storytelling are combined with, footwork coupled with quick, sharp, strong and fluid arm motions. We’ve created a series of block classes to provide a range that covers the grooves. Suitable for all levels. Please email to register for our next available workshop.


This small class will work closely with the babies giving them the foundation to become our next generation of b-boy’s and b-girl’s. Focusing on rhythm, musicality & floor movements, building flexibility, balance, strength, coordination and the hardest job of all, concentration. You’ll be surprised how fast they catch on!


Suitable for complete beginners, that are looking for an introduction to street dance styles such as hip hop, breaking, house, popping and locking. Learning step by step the foundation, social dances and knowledge, in a fun relaxed way, whilst helping build your strength, coordination and fitness.


All styles class gives you hip hop culture and an introduction into the different styles that sit under the umbrella of street dance. Classes are tailored to crossover, teaching the basics of hip hop, popping, locking, breaking, house and more. Staying on trend with the latest party dances and most importantly giving students the opportunity to let go and have fun. This class is a perfect confidence builder for new comers. Suitable for beginners, 12-16 years old.



Our trained and professional tutors combine their individual style and experiencewith our unique teaching approach.


Jukebox Academy provides a unique inclusive opportunity for those with talent, irrespective of background, to fulfil their potential and shape positive, creative futures. The three-year artistic development programme equips students with the creative skills, knowledge and confidence to prosper.


We provide a space where young people feel valued in their own learning; offering high-quality training in street dance alongside a creative skills programme. Through our weekly intensives, ongoing mentoring, masterclasses and industry workshops we encourage collaboration, curiosity, artistic freedom, cultural exchange and original thinking. 


The Academy was initially launched in 2015 in partnership with Wales Millennium Centre and has included contributions from a wide selection of partners including the Welsh National Opera, Cardiff Vale College, National Museum Wales, Cardiff Olympic Gymnastics, Powys Dance, Sherman Theatre, NoFit State Circus, Butetown Pavilion and National Theatre Wales.


We are currently taking open applications for our 2019 programme. If you would like the opportunity to access our next academy year, please contact






Head Office
Butetown Community Centre
40 Loudoun Square
Butetown, Cardiff
CF10 5UZ


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