Storytelling and creative expression through the narrative of movement. We bridge the gap between community and professional work through our participate programmes and creative agency.


We are a community of visual storytellers connected by a shared artistic vision: believers of the power of performance. Through our uniquely collaborative approach, we work to create experiences that connect, inspire and empower.

We believe everyone has the right to access the arts. We welcome others into our community to nurture, to mentor, to support, to share and to create. We are passionate advocates for art and cultures positive contribution to a more equal, active, socially engaged, sustainable and peaceful society. For this we strive.

Our Story

Jukebox Collective is the culmination of over 15 years experience in the performing arts industry. We use this expertise to shape the work we create, artists we represent and the talent we are committed to develop. Since its creation, Jukebox Collective continues to nurture creativity in communities with its participate programmes, as well as delivering world-class entertainment, be- spoke performances, talent management and creative services across the commercial, corporate and private sectors through the launch of its creative agency.

Liara Barussi

Liara Barussi is the founder and artistic director of Jukebox Collective. Her vision is rooted in col- laboration, and exploring the concept of dance as a language for inspirational story-telling.
As a performance consultant, she has performed, curated, advised and taught, largely through the medium of dance, but also delving into other creative disciplines including producing, event management, choreography, art direction and idea realisation. As well as producing high class work for film and on stage, Liara delivers powerful, inspiring education and artist development work that has been recognised internationally. She has mentored and taught workshops extensively across the UK, India, USA, Morocco and throughout Europe.
Liara has created theatre work and received commissions from numerous organisations including Breakin Convention BBC, S4C, the BRIT Awards and has worked in partnership with record la- bels, advertising agencies, fashion brands and music artists including Madonna, Grand Master Flash and Aluna George.

Liara currently sits on the Arts and Creativity Forum for the Welsh Assembly; is part of the Sher- man Five working group and has been a judge and mentor on BBC Young Dancer.


We offer a wide range of jobs, offering staff opportunities for career progression and continuous personal development. We operate an equal opportunities policy


To find out about current vacancies please contact:

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